React Native seems to be a great solution for digital products projected to run on both iOS and Android platforms. Moreover, being a modern JavaScript framework for native app development, React Native allows you to reduce the product development budget and speed up project execution. The question is how to find a React Native developer that shares your corporate values and whose salary matches your budget expectations.

Unfortunately, having a perfect job description is not enough to find a specialist with an appropriate set of hard and soft skills. In this article, we’ll provide you with useful tips on how…

If you are planning to develop and launch a web product, sooner or later you will come across the concept of web application architecture. This term is used by software developers to describe the high-level structure of a digital product, including data storage and server operation specifics.

The quality of the web architecture determines the reliability, performance, and security of your product. In this article, we will describe the most popular types of modern web application architecture, its components, and tips on how you can optimize your work on it.

What Is Web Application Architecture?

Web app architecture is a kind of software architecture that…

Wireframing is part of the Product Development Lifecycle which helps a development team present their vision to clients and decide on the final tech and design solutions. You need to design wireframes regardless of what business area and digital project scale you are working on.

Unlike creating a sketch and or app prototype (mockup), product wireframing is about discovering potential design and engineering solutions, as well as checking to see if clients and development agencies envision the future product in the same way.

For a typical design process, wireframing is the middle stage between sketching and prototyping, where sketching is…

Planning to launch an innovative digital product or working on a project that requires tech creativity? In both cases, the Agile approach and methods, like Scrum or Kanban, might be a solution for you. The Agile methodology allows you to make your development adaptive and responsive as it is built on thoughtful and frequent iterations instead of having a general working plan that remains unchangeable.

Understanding Agile methodology phases will help you to build a strong and creative team that can easily cope with advanced tasks concerning your product development. …

Food delivery apps have become extremely popular today as they allow users to quickly and conveniently order ready-made meals from restaurants directly to the office or home. While pizza delivery is a relatively new business model, on-demand pizza delivery apps are rapidly gaining popularity among users around the world. With such an application, customers can receive their pizza within 20–30 minutes of placing an order. Thus, it becomes clear that high-quality mobile delivery is vital for pizzeria owners to attract more customers.

Based on our experience in developing projects for similar solutions, we have decided to explain in detail how…

It is no secret that the oil and gas industry generates huge capital every year, and for some countries the entire state budget is built on the profits from the extraction, processing, and transportation of oil and gas products. Obviously, digitalization has not bypassed this area. It is forecast that by 2023, the market for software and IoT devices for oil and gas will be worth almost $40 billion.

The technologies that are currently applied (or are planned to be used) at oil and gas enterprises are very diverse. …

Building trustworthy relationships between the vendor and client is a cornerstone of successful cooperation. But what is the essential part of it and how to set up all necessary regulations? To answer this question we need to explore what is a software development contract and what are main terms of it.

The contract is an official document that sets the rules and conditions between the customer and contractor. It helps to avoid any risks and matches the best results without any issues. Knowing software development contract standards will help you faster and with greater certainty choose the contract’s content. With…

For any startup, finance is a key issue. Attracting financing is not an easy task due to the high risk factor and the complex process of launching startups. There is also another problem — finding the right way to work with investors interested in your project.

Knowing how investment rounds are divided and what requirements for startups should be met can help greatly. At each stage, money is attracted for clearly defined tasks, but there are also some limits to financing. Why else is funding divided into rounds? …

According to CB Insights, the market and business intelligence platform, not fitting the market or no market need are among the main causes why startup projects fail. The other important issues are the lack of capital, not the right team, problems with price setting, poor marketing, etc. Numerous startup founders claim that the main reason for failure is still an underestimation of the value of market research from the very beginning.

Take a look at the following chart. The data is taken from a report on startup failures published by CB Insights at the end of 2019:

Software can be developed in numerous ways. Based on the route you choose with respect to managing your project, success or failure can be predetermined. There are many reasons for bad outcomes, including poor project management, technical issues, an inappropriate business environment and organizational culture.

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LANARS Founder, Entrepreneur, Proud dad. Working in IT industry for near 10 years. Run a tech company presented in Ukraine, Norway and Georgia.

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