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Design is a process of elaborating bright and creative ideas and collecting them together for further aesthetic implementation. Whether you are designing your backyard or a website, you’d better be creative and inventive.

Web design intends the presenting of the content on electronic web sources, which the users can access by dint of Internet and a web browser.

It often happens, when people perceive “design” as a visual aspect. Web design includes more abstract elements apart from the visual part. Among these abstract elements are ergonomics, navigation logic, usability, user habits etc.

Traditional approach to design involves such features as coloring, graphical style, contrast, balance, icons and textures, background, fonts, and others. These features together create a general atmosphere of the overall design.

Every year, the new fashion for elements in design appears. Some trends change instantly while others become fundamental. It often happens, that long-forgotten trends gain momentum with a new power, while the fresh ideas can appear outdated the next day they emerge.

Colloquially saying, the landscape of design evolves constantly.

Our designers know onions in design, and they are glad to share some interesting information about the hottest trends for 2018. Check the article below and find your inspiration!

A new year means a year to explore new ideas, concepts, functionality, color, and typography.

To start with, we would like to admit, that the trend to minimize the complexion, which started to get traction in 2016, will evolve and rise in even more widespread acceptance.

Our UI/UX designer Veronika has some thoughts about minimalism in 2018.

  • Gone are those days when 3D graphics were the object of admiration. Modern digital models tend to be simple and minimalistic. The minimalistic approach was a really hot cake in 2017, and in 2018 it will shift to a new form.”

More and more designers tend to strip away the heavy fonts.

Such approach is aimed to cut off the unnecessary load and help to concentrate the attention on the main features. The pleasant and eye-candy minimalistic design turns into a real godsend for both designers and users.

  • “A clear visual communication will focus the end-user on content rather than the UI. A proper combination of a minimalist UI with a convenience and usability is impressive in action due to its simplicity of navigation. But, remember, minimalistic does not mean flat.”

New navigation patterns.

Navigation is a vital part of the design, but it does not have to be anchored to the top of the design.

We will likely say our last goodbye to the overcrowded and bulk menus in 2018. Meganavs established a new rule in the world of design in 2017.

Meganavs and immersive navigation are among the hottest trends granting an ultimate experience for the utilization of a website. To return to the previous sub-block, it would be fair to admit, that simplicity is vital in the aspect of navigation. Meganav provides the convenient navigation bars full up with the tabs, which, in their turn create a mind-blowing experience for the end users. The meganav and immersive navigation are aimed at ensuring the focus on utilizing the website, making it more readable and intuitive.



A year ago, the “micro-interactions” was a buzzing word. In 2017, micro-interactions only gained applicability. They play an important role in UI/UX design, especially on handheld devices. Micro-interactions serve as a convenient feature for a visual feedback for the user’s actions.

From a point of view of a user, it is very convenient to know what has happened, and what is happening as they interact with the User Interface.

It is vital to be creative while designing the animations. Combine the functionality and fun in your animated image in order to engage and inform your users at the same time.



The embedded HQ videos and GIFs have become a very popular visual pattern to engage and attract the organic traffic to the website. Such approach helps to add dynamics to the experience comparing to regular static resources. The video does a great job of catching the eye. It draws the attention since you visit the homepage, especially, if it is followed by the sound. The tip from our designers: you should proceed cautiously. Think of including an option to turn the sound on\off. In case you manage to create a proper combination of the footage and sound, your website will work beautifully.

GIFs are even better when it comes to minimizing the loading time. GIF images do not need special software to run and can be embedded anywhere you need and want.

A GIF does not need to be a masterpiece — it can be plain and simple, but, at the same time, it will definitely draw the attention of the users.

Such brands like IKEA and Netflix are already waist-deep in cinemagraphs usage. This proves that cinemagraphs are going to be a big thing in design this year.

Subtle animation.


The animation is becoming an integral part of the design.

Numerous sites use subtle animations applied to elements, which were static: for example, icons, callouts, and others.

Due to the fact, that designers get more and more visual instruments in their armory, we will see the new stage of animation development and application.

Bold Typography.

The typography is an essential element in creating a stunningly attractive design.

Bold typography accompanied by custom illustrations and clean components helps to anchor the main page of the resource. Such combination is highly appreciated by big companies, willing to highlight the presentability of the brand.

Moreover, the trend of 2018 tends to be not the bold type, but even oversized one.

The logic behind such approach is to capture the attention of the end user. An oversized lettering can be suitable for any purpose.

Custom Typography.


Apart from the bold and oversized typography, designers will tend to use custom styles and types. If you are tired of the same sans serifs, dominating in design, you should think of applying a custom approach. Try to use vintage, retro, or even completely custom style solutions to create a unique visual experience for your users. In addition, as we have mentioned about animated elements, you can use it in your approach to typography. If you use soft and fluid motion, you won’t go wrong way this year. The only thing important to remember: do not overindulge. Your custom lettering has to be readable and clear, so take the simplicity as a rule.

Texture and Tactile Details.

With the rise of the flat User Interface, the entire web started to look Bootstrap. The whole Web became a very similar landscape for a while. The lack of personality and peculiarity in design made the brands and designers to reconsider their approach. Hence, we will see a row of changes in the art style.

It would be expected to observe the growth in texture patterns and tactile elements usage.

The Material Design trend is expanding. The tactile details in the design make users interested and attracted, wishing to reach those elements and touch them.

The nature-inspired patterns, like those found in marble, precious stones and plants, grow bigger.


Along with the tactile and natural elements, the natural colors are going to be widely used. Those colors will be derived from the natural world and will complement the tactile approach.

The boring plain details will no longer be on the front burner.

Gradients and Vivid Hues.


In addition to massive changes in the design approach, and the advent of the tactile and textured elements, the bright and vivid palette is coming back. The new trends are about the mass implementation of unconventional colors, so it is important to be ready to inject some risky and unusual colors into your upcoming projects.


Let us recall, gradients were missing from the design landscape for a couple of decades. Today, the gradient website dressing comes back in a big way. There are different examples, which show us, that the two-tone effect can look fresh and modern. Special attention is paid to dark colors gradients. The right combination creates a “neon-light” glow, which is truly attractive.

The bright and saturated hue of your website’s dressing will inject energy and dynamism, so do not hesitate and experiment with colors.

Low-Poly Design.


The illustration vector has already been making moves towards the low-poly elements. This year we will observe the low-poly break into the worlds of design with the full force. The game-inspired trend will bring the detailed and beautiful illustrations and typography to the world of design.

To admit, the beauty of low-poly illustrations was already represented in “Firewatch” game which was released in 2016.
The combination of colors and details is marvelous and breathtaking.

Parallax and Long Scrolling.

Long scrolling is progressively becoming a standard for the websites. The long and even infinite scrolling technique will be somewhat a new approach to the navigation. It comes in very handy for the handheld devices and devices with the small display. Long scrolling web resources engage the users and turn their interaction into a journey.

As a spectacular example, our designers represent the Pinterest. The long scrolling arrangement helps the user to scan large loads of content without interruption.

The parallax scrolling website design is growing in popularity all over the Internet. The parallax itself first appeared from the visual effect of 2D side-scrolling games, which used the different image movement speeds. As an example, we would like to represent such video games like the Valiant Hearts, Limbo, good’ol Battletoads, and many others.

The parallax trick helps to create an illusion of depth during the gaming experience.


The same basis is used in website design nowadays. The background of the website moves at a different speed from the foreground components of the page. The parallax is a very impressive visual effect when it is crafted properly. Do not overdo while creating your parallax scrolling technique. Combine the simplicity and entertainment with an account for the older browsers in order to bring some ultimate experience for all of your visitors.

Cards, Cards Everywhere.

Cards were first mentioned as a trend in 2015. Such web resources like Vice, Tumblr, Dribbble, and Pinterest serve as spectacular examples of the card-based layouts. This Pinterest-like arrangement has proven its usefulness for responsive layouts and the clarity of content. Cards are a very versatile UI working across the board and helping to organize and display the large amounts of content simultaneously.


Our designers insist, that the card-based content tiles will be the hot trend, especially in new social feeds.

Veronika adds, that the new trick for cards and tiles making them even hotter is shade. The proper usage of shades gives the card-based layout some presentability and portliness.


The Rise of the Interactive Interfaces.

The trendy chatbot is an integral part of design industry today. The chatbot is commonly used in the consumer apps in order to take the load off the user when performing general tasks. The new 2018 is the year for chatbots to be widely used in different industries.


VR and AR.

Interactive interfaces won’t be the only technology in 2018.


Virtual and augmented reality are the things all people are talking about today.

As to design, the virtual and augmented reality technology can provide a new level of immersive design and engagement. The VR and AR will be a large field for experiments undertaken by the designers.


2018 will not be the year of the VR boom yet it will bear the new paradigm in the design.

An honorable mention: the VR itself does not seem to be a useful tech advancement for the design, but it opens a door to the new way of storytelling.

Valuability of unique and creative illustration styles.


It is an open secret that illustration is an essential component of creating the unique and glorious identity. The illustration style helps to inject personality and strong brand awareness.

The originality and uniqueness of the approach are paramount in modern art. Innovation in illustration depends on the project and target audience. It is important to create the artworks that are innovative yet effective. This is because illustration does not value an avant-garde approach because it is experimental. Use unexpected color combinations, shades, small elements, these things are in the mix this year. Experiment, try, move.



As we have mentioned in the very beginning of our article, trends of any nature either emerge and disappear or stay the course and become fundamentals. Changes happen at the lightning speed in the sphere of design, and it is very important to stay tuned. Only constant learning and innovation will help with it. Moreover, the new tools and instruments appear, allowing designers to create new trends and ideas. Creative designers, willing to invent a new approach start searching for something special and peculiar, something, that will help to stay at the forefront of the design world.

Not all of the mentioned trends may be relevant to you and your current projects, but it is always beneficial to know what is going on in the industry.

LANARS Founder, Entrepreneur, Proud dad. Working in IT industry for near 10 years. Run a tech company presented in Ukraine, Norway and Georgia.

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